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"Kimball has ingeniously appropriated some of the most stirring lines from Shakespeare's poem, redistributing them among the characters, turning narration to speech and vice versa. You could hardly ask for an achievement that contrasted more with her 2005 play 'Lulu Fabulous,' a hip spoof about modern singles. "

The Washington Post
Abby Wood as Janus 2. in Washington Shakespeare Company's production, 2007. Photo: Ray Gniewek.
Callie Kimball's The Rape of Lucrece (2007): A Woman's Creative Response to Shakespeare's Poem, by Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney, Borrowers and Lenders: The Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation
"Callie Kimball's skill at matching the Bard's couplets with her own is impressive, as is her facility for delineating ancient politics, but it's her literary wit that sets Rape of Lucrece apart."

Washington City Paper

"A complex meditation on peace and its consequences which manages to avoid pomposity and self-importance. Indeed, it is extraordinarily bold in its self-deflating way, punctuating shibboleths and stepping contemptuously on political correctness. It is witty, affecting, absorbing and, to boot, most excellently performed."

DC Theatre Scene
"War, racism, abuse: 'Peace' says things that nice plays don't say, and gets away with it because--well, because it's in the service of a higher good, of course. ... You have to admire Kimball's nerve and her generally sure judgment about where to draw the comic line."

The Washington Post
John Geoffrion and Sara Barker in Washington Shakespeare Company's production, 2008. Photo: Ray Gniewek.

"Sensationally, [Safeword] touches upon the dominant/submissive sex trade, but it is a fully developed study of human expertise on wounding the ones we love."

DC Theatre Scene
Callie Kimball 2013